UFOs: Good news and bad news

Time to update the UFO list. One project finished, and two more to add.

The good news is I finished my new purse last night! It was mostly complete (as I described in my last post), but I couldn’t find the shoulder strap I set aside for it. So, last night I made a thorough search of my sewing room, and found the strap. It’s now been added to the purse, and the purse is complete!

And the bad news? While I was looking for the purse strap, I found two vest fronts I was crazy quilting but haven’t finished. I know why they’re unfinished. I lost the pattern to make the back and lining with. If I can find that, the first one should be a quick finish. The second one needs a bit more embellishment before it’s done. The real question is what happened to the third vest that I started at the same time as the second vest….


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