I’m not a quilter. Really…

I’m not a quilter.  My mom is a quilter.  My mother-in-law is a quilter.  When they get together to quilt, I iron things.  And sometimes I do some rotary cutting.  And I rearrange blocks until the colors look right.  (It’s a knack. It’s easier at a distance and with my glasses off, but I can’t really explain how I know what colors go where.)

So how did I spend my Labor Day weekend?  Well, with that introductory paragraph, most of you are probably guessing I was quilting.  Not exactly.  But I did finish piecing two quilt tops, and pin basted two so they’re ready to be quilted.  Three quilt tops, total.  One was pieced but not basted, one was pieced and basted, and one just needed to be basted.

I’ve written up descriptions, but this blog needs some more content.  So I’ve got them saved, and they writeups will post automatically over the next few days.


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