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New Year, New Posts

January 4, 2011

Alas, no new pics.  Still in school.  Still stitching.  Updated the UFO list.  Two projects now marked as finished (one knitting, one crochet).  Two products added that I began work on when I finished the last two (more or less – there’s a pair of socks that were started and finished without ever making it onto the list).  Progress on two more projects was updated.

I got an idea for a project: a database that will let me compare my current stash to the yarn required for a project.  Maybe I can do this for my database class this quarter, because otherwise I won’t have time any time soon.  A pretty front end will have to wait, though.  The tricky part will be identifying what weight a yarn is on a scale of 1 = lace weight to 6 = super bulky, when the manufacturer only gives the weight and length of yarn.  But that’s just details.

Yes, this is this sort of thing I think is fun.