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UFOs and Flickr Blogging

September 7, 2008


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Eye candy has arrived! And I have more pictures in my Flickr account, so I’ll be able to post more soon.

I’m not quite sure how this entry will look when I post it, since I’m doing it through Flickr instead of WordPress. But since the picture is already posted on Flickr, I figured I’d test out their blog feature and see how it works.

This is my Monarch Garden pillow top. I will probably not actually finish this into a pillow. Most likely it will either become a wall hanging or part of a quilt. My main goal with this kit is to practice some of my surface embroidery techniques.

For the current UFO challenge on stitchin fingers, the goal is to finish all the leaves in the center section. I’ve got a good bit to go. The leaves in the borders are not part of the goal, since I plan to finish the center before I do any work on the borders.

On the road again

September 1, 2008

I leave after lunch for training out of town. I don’t have a laptop that’s travel worthy, so no new posts until I get back.

The hippocampus has been frogged, and I’ve made so much progress that I can’t take it with me. I’d probably finish it up before I get back home. I’m taking the monarch garden pillow, since it’s a kit and I don’t have to gather any supplies to work on it. We’ll see how much work I get done while I’m gone, since I honestly have no idea how much free time I’ll have.

stitchin fingers on Ning

August 22, 2008

I joined a community on Ning called stitchin fingers, started by the wonderful SharonB. This community has been up and running for a while, and yes, it’s taken me this long to join.

They have a number of interesting groups in this community, but the one that finally pushed me into joining was a new one called UFOs Uncovered. I’ve got a lot of UFO’s.

After seeing this group, I’ve started a notebook as a proto-blog with some notes about my stitching. Yes, I’m a professional geek, I have a blog, and I’m keeping my raw notes in a pocket size gridded Moleskine ® cahier*. I do see the irony here. I embrace the irony!

Coming soon: My UFO List!

*The pocket sized cahier is 9 x 14 cm (3½ x 5½), with 64 pages and a stiff cardboard cover. Wonderful stuff!