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Some new pages

August 24, 2008

No new eye candy yet, but I do have a few static pages added.

First is my comments policy. The big thing to know here is that your first comment will be held for moderation. This is partly as a spam trap, and partly so I’ll get notified when I get new commenters. (Right now, that would be any commenters. This is what I get for not promoting my blog anywhere.) After that first comment, any legitimate posts should make it through. The one exception is comments with a lot of links: more than two links also triggers moderation.

Next is my listing of UFOs. The UFOs Uncovered group at stitchinfingers has inspired me to start making a list of my own UFOs. I’ve also been rearranging my sewing room, so I’ve been finding projects I’d forgotten I’d ever started.

The oldest is a dresser scarf that was probably started when I was in high school. The instructions are long gone, and I have no idea what shades of green I was using for the leaves. Fortunately, I have enough of it finished not to need a pattern any more, and a large enough collection of floss that I should be able to duplicate my missing colors. Whenever I get back to this project anyway.