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Stitching while traveling

August 28, 2008

Still no new eye candy. I need to provide eye candy. Maybe this weekend I’ll have time to fiddle with some graphics.

I’ve got a trip out of town for work next week, and I’m going to need some sort of handwork to keep me out of trouble during the trip down and back (not to mention in the evenings while I’m there). The sensible thing to do is take one of my UFOs.

Anything requiring machine work is out (too hard to do in the car). Anything requiring too much thinking is out. Anything overly large is out. And I’m wavering on the current cross stitch project, because tonight I discovered an area that I need to frog.

Of the projects remaining, I don’t want to take anything too simple, lest I run out of things to stitch before I get home. I don’t want to be loaded down with supplies, so that rules out anything with too many pieces. Leading contenders are the sunbonnet girls and the monarch garden pillow, although my hippocampus may come along if I can get it frogged and re-stitched before Monday.

Some new pages

August 24, 2008

No new eye candy yet, but I do have a few static pages added.

First is my comments policy. The big thing to know here is that your first comment will be held for moderation. This is partly as a spam trap, and partly so I’ll get notified when I get new commenters. (Right now, that would be any commenters. This is what I get for not promoting my blog anywhere.) After that first comment, any legitimate posts should make it through. The one exception is comments with a lot of links: more than two links also triggers moderation.

Next is my listing of UFOs. The UFOs Uncovered group at stitchinfingers has inspired me to start making a list of my own UFOs. I’ve also been rearranging my sewing room, so I’ve been finding projects I’d forgotten I’d ever started.

The oldest is a dresser scarf that was probably started when I was in high school. The instructions are long gone, and I have no idea what shades of green I was using for the leaves. Fortunately, I have enough of it finished not to need a pattern any more, and a large enough collection of floss that I should be able to duplicate my missing colors. Whenever I get back to this project anyway.