UFO Sightings, or, a Listing of Works in Progress

For my own reference, and the amusement of my gentle readers, I present my UFO Sightings, or, a Listing of Works in Progress.

  • Denim purse: create handles and attach to lining, attach lining to bag, topstitch, add strap Finished September 24, 2008
  • Hand-dyed quilt: assemble border strip, attach border, back, quilt, and bind
  • Stack’n’whack quilt: back, quilt, and bind
  • Cross stitch sorceress: find the pattern – again!
  • Cross stitch griffon: stitch tongue and tail
  • Cross stitch hippocampus: most everything
  • Indy Motor Speedway quilt: cut block borders, attach to blocks, re-measure blocks, cut field of dreams center and add border, assemble blocks, back w/ fleece, quilt
  • Needlepoint rose: mark color corrections on chart, check for areas that need frogging, finish stitching
  • Crazy blocks quilt: finish blocks (this is worthy of its own list), assemble with sashing, back, quilt
  • Trimmed tea towels: decide on size, add handmade lace
  • Purple edging: finish needle tatting
  • Denim jacket: add croched star trim
  • Black & White tatted lace: finish to a reasonable length
  • Mini crazy quilt pincushions (6): add backs, stuff
  • Scrumbles: assemble them into something
  • Sunbonnet girls: finish embroidering blocks, assemble into a quilt top (or give to someone else to do same)
  • Monarch garden pillow top: embroider most leaves, and all other parts of design
  • Music tote bag: embellish, permanantly attach lining, reinforce bottom? This has been in progress so long the outer bag has worn out. Add straps to lining, and convert lining to main bag. Yes, I’ve redefined this project again. Sew top hem of new tote bag, attach old lining to new main bag
  • Varigated blue tablecloth: finish crocheting
  • Stamped cross stitch dresser scarf: figure out what color green I was using, finish leaves and vines
  • Crazy quilt vest: find pattern, trim vest front to size, cut out outer back and lining, assemble
  • Denim crazy quilt vest (pink ribbon vest): Add pink ribbons and other embellishments to vest front, find pattern, trim vest front to size, cut out outer back and lining, assemble
  • Kitty Cat Quilt: back, quilt, bind Machine quilting now in (very slow) progress
  • Lavendar Lace knitted baby blanket: one pink stripe (11 pattern repeats), one purple stripe (8 pattern repeats) Finished, November 2010
  • Crochet Motif lap blanket: 4 rows + 4 squares Finished, December 2010
  • Navy blue mohair crocheted lap blanket: Border, maybe a few more pattern repeats first?
  • Red lace scarf: until I run out of yarn

This list is, of course, subject to change. I hope to keep it updated as I make progress on various UFOs.

ETA (9/9/2010): This list hasn’t gotten much shorter since I put it up.  It’s not that I haven’t finished anything in that time.  No, I learned to knit…

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